Ankara hausa styles 2022

What are the new design of Ankara Hausa styles 2022

In this post, we are going to see the new design of Ankara Hausa styles and the latest of it

We have several designs of
Picture of Ankara hausa styles for both men, women, and children however, we are only going look at for females.

Let’s, first of all, understand this concept > Ankara Hausa style, before we head down to the details, design, and kinds.

Most people understand that Ankara is the capital of turkey but on this page, we are not referring to that of Turkey.

Ankara is an Africa wax print some called it native wear, having understood that we are going ahead with our title or topic which is Ankara hausa styles.

Ankara has a lot of styles which is been sewed and several prints, this shape, and book. starting from print to the finishing touches,

which includes sewing and pressing, it had been aways the work of designer see and bring out the shape, are needed by a customer or person to his or her fitness

Ankara as a fabric is well recognized in some countries in West Africa if not all and is been worn or accepted by both men and women, even children are not left out.

As you proceed on this page or scroll you are going to see more highlights. Either with pictures or text, read to the end

Ankara texture
Ankara has different kinds of prints, colors, and textures. But that doesn’t determine their quality nor prize some believe that the different texture and color of Ankara makes it more quality, which is not.

Away from that here in Nigeria, Ankara is the most trending fabric as well as the clothes it is made with
Also here in Nigeria the are lots of Ankara styles and prints.

Ankara styles for ladies
There several Ankara styles for ladies, including

Ankara gowns styles for ladies

Ankara skirts styles

Ankara tops for ladies

Ankara kaftan Hausa styles for ladies Looking at the above you understand that Ankara’s has different styles for ladies and not only that each style has several designs
I take a deep look at the styles it will seem as if it was only made for ladies Let’s take a look at number one which is

1.Ankara gowns styles for ladies

New style of gown hausa styles
Recent styles of ankara

We have three or the Ankara gowns, and they used to come in three patterns,
including the short, three quarter,
and long Ankara gowns styles
The same is also at the sleeves which also can be made as short, three quarter and long sleeves.

All the three types of Ankara gowns styles are made either short or long sleeves and the sewing and designs are of different types and kinds

2. Ankara skirts styles,

it understandable there is not much difference between normal skirts and Ankara Hausa style skirt though Ankara skirt designs and styles look as if there is more to it if you look at the below,

watching how is been pleat the pattern and the design you will get the picture of what am saying

3. Ankara Hausa styles top

There are few designs of Ankara styles especially the top which includes the peplum top, Flare top, crop top button shirt aka office shirt

The above picture and design a made based on increase in demand for Ankara clothes

New and Latest Ankara Hausa style

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