Ankara styles for men and new and latest styles 2022

The latest ankara styles or magazine of ankara

It is no longer news tha ankara is well known fabric expecially here in Africa.

It mostly won by women and resently had turn both men and women. the prints are of different colors and shapes.

Ankara styles for men
Ankara styles for guys
Ankara styles for men
New styles of ankara 2022

Ankara styles for men

Here we are going to look at several kind of ankara styles.

1. Ankara styles for men 2)Ankara style combination 3.Lastest ankara styles for men 4.Ankara Nika 5.Ankara trouser 6.Ankara shirt

7.Pictures of Ankara styles for men
8.Video videos of Ankara styles for men

Ankara styles for men

Ankara styles, as we all see from the last catlog, some of them repeated, Here is few pictures from the last ovation or catlog before this 2022

Ankara styles for men’s 2021 Nigeria

Ankara trouser is another concept, it mostly sewed beltless therefore letting the trouser be the ear consentration.

And it is won with button shirt either Short sleeves or long sleeves, most of the love of this style used to stuck in the shirt therefore giving them that looks of jenttlemen

The above have a euniq design, am talking about the top. the did what we called cute and paste, if you are a designer or tailor you should understand what I mean. So it is actually a very complex design with a good finishing that come as the above

Ankara styles for men
Men styles of ankara
Ankara styles for men's 2021 Nigeria
Ankara styles for men’s 2021 Nigeria
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Ankara combination

Ankara combination is a very good design of ankara
Ankara combination is a processe by which ankara fabrics is mixed with either plan material or another ankara fabrics to give a particular design. Though this parttern have been long it comes out out but it still follow among the styles that is make the most comment.

Ankara styles for men Nikkas

Ankara styles for men “Nikkas, For those who loves Ankara it is unique and is mostly won at home, though making it as an out fit is not bad

Please don’t forget to comment and if you are a designer tell us what you think,

Ankara fabrics is material that you can sew any style of your choice

So if you are having problem with any of style we listed above, and that you will demand seeing more of the any particular style, do well by letting us know through the comments section “trending fashion got your back”

Some of this styles are made by different designers, and the all have one thing mind which is the finishing or the out.

The finishing matters, which includes the shap, the stitches, making sure that there are no thread left uncute or having within the body of the clothe
Ankara fabrics
There are different ty of ankara fabrics, some are made with polyester daviva and the prints defers some of the prints includes block shap , flower, pictures of either human being or animals. The flowers prints is the most trending prints and is being used in so many occasions, including wedding as asebi, church program, birthday, and many more.

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