Arewa styles for ladies 2022 is it better

We are going to look at different styles, kinds of dressing, and designs of Arewa styles for ladies

Arewa is a hausa language which means North and it is mostly used to address people or group of people and politians from the northern part of Nigeria. There several kind of clothes or dress worn by arewa ladies which includes th following

drew a style
  1. Ankara styles
  2. Lace
  3. Buba
  4. Bubu
  5. Kaftan and many more

Ankara styles

Akara and styles there are several kinds and design of ankara prints and design worn by arewa ladies, so let take a look at some The styles of ankara differs depending on personal choice and ankara styles comprises of the following The styles of ankara differs depending on personal choice and ankara styles comprises of the following

So let take look at these six different styles of ankara styles for arewa ladies, and not only ladies even girls and women used to wear it.

1)skirt and blouse
2) gown
3) bubu
4) kaftan
6) combinations

shirt and blouse

which is skirt and blouse: it is of different design, some with flare and some come without embroidery design on it let me go further on this to save time, I believe the following pictures will explain more.

Arewa styles for ladies, gown

ankara have few types of gown styles including the { A line gown, straight gown, pencil gown , off shoulder, and flare gown, all of it could be long or short what matters is costumer or personal choice. few of it apart from the fited once used to have two side pocket or like the following pictures which have it two at the front in resemblance of the nurse suit.

Bubu Arewa styles for ladies

bubu is actually amazing stycle of ankara with a unique shap, it likely atimes a free gown with a butterfly scopture. the following are some of the pictures.

kaftan Arewa styles for ladies

kaftan: the kaftan is free long gown with either Short or long sleeves and it some with Two side pocket. Though it depends on personal choice

Buba Arewa styles for ladies

Buba, the Buba is a wrapper with a top or blouse

there are many combination of ankara styles, when I mention combineation am referring to the mixing of ankara fabrics to another, type or prints ankara or other fabric like the following lace, chiffon, satin, or plan material

  1. Lace, arewa ladies do wear lace and not only that they do wear lace they Wear it of different styles and kinds of it.
    The arewa styles for ladies lace comprises of the following = long gown, pencil short gown, kaftanfabrica
  2. Buba: buba is a top or blouse using wrapper as the bottom. most women prefer buba, more expecially on occasion like wedding ceremony and child dedication
  3. Bubu, is also a style of clothes won by arewa ladies like I mentioned above it is a unique style with a unique design. And it could be made from different fabrics like chiffon, ankara, lackara material and plan
  4. Kaftan: arewa styles for ladies kaftan” is a long free gown, either short sleeves or long sleeves. And it is style that you can sew or made with differents fabrics, including akara, lace chiffon and plan material.
Arewa styles for ladies
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Arewa styles for ladies
Arewa styles for ladies
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