How To Style Kaftan, or the best way of styling kaftan

Kaftan has so many styles and on this page, we arse going to see How To Style Kaftan and as a customer you will only go for the one you like

Kaftan is a cloth that come in verious styles and design so it is left for a designer to decide the style he or ahe want and not only that the Styles are many,

it also have different pattern of cutting depending on the style you want cut that will determine the shape you need.

Styling of kaftan need a deep turtue in other help get the idea and scope of it.

How To Style Kaftan

Styling of kaftan nay seem very hard and difficult if haven’t done before expecially if you don’t have the idea

Pictures and How to cut kaftan

Just as mentioned in above, styling or cutting of kaftan depends on the style you wants and that will determine the kind and shapes of pieces you want.
Whether it is long sleeve or short sleeves. Also the same idea has to be apply in the place of the trouser
Though trouser has many or different way of cutting it however after everything it all return back to what we called trouser.

How To Style Kaftan
Isfta styling

this is not a video so I would not go deep so that my explanation will not look complicated. So by our next post on this will come up with a video that will help highlights fact and method.

if I must say there is nothing more important here than for you to get clear view and understanding about what am saying so I will like you to pay attention to detail as you read.

and if by chance it happens you get confused do let us know at the comment section it will be our pleasure to help.

ladies way of styling kaftan

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