latest etibo native wear styles 2022

Latest etibo native wear styles for men and women

As we know that each year come with own design or style of a particular clothes in this year 2022 there are several different design of etibo style that we recorded and just like you know etibo is a kind of clothes that’s slim from the chest to stomach and flare out at the Hips area of it having a cuve Hemming

It can be made either long sleeve though it all depend on the choice of the client or customer so on this post we are going to Showcase the latest etibo native wear Styles

Etibo as we all know is a traditional attire and is originated from niger Delta that is at the south-south part of Nigeria, some called it niger delta style or others called it South South, well at this point whatever they call it, does not really matter because all of them were just making a point which is getting better understand in identifying it

Based on the above or during the time of former president of Nigeria doctor Goodluck Jonathan there was a particular design of etibo that he normally used to wear and it was on several magazines and the name of that design is, ‘friends of Goodluck Jonathan’. and even up to today if you want to market I decided to buy a magazine that has to do with an etibo you will definitely come across this particular design known as friends of Goodluck Jonathan because he was like an ambassador when I come to etibo Styles Deb

And today there are other politicians which has come up and also good patronizers of edible design somebody like rotimi amaechi former governor of Rivers State he is among the politician who does not joke with etibo Styles and designs

latestlatest etibo native wear styles

yes 2032 is another year and right here in our album or gallery we have a lot of designs of etibo both for ladies men and also children so on this note I would like you to take a look at the following picture of the latest etibo native wear before we proceed

Haven’t in the above picture etibo is mostly occasional wear and also mostly worn by men in different occasion thank you for Reading and always post we’ll be looking at the current diversity the reason why is mostly worn by men

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