Latest white etibo styles 2022

Here are the latest Etibo styles and the new white Etibo styles, Etibo styles for the year 2022 designs and etibo pictures both men women


Etibo is a Niger Delta native attire, it is known and acknowledged for its original concepts in styles and beauty. Most people prefer wearing white Etibo styles

It has been long since etibo cloth styles come out as an outfit.
it has gone at all corners in Nigeria and some other parts of African countries and has been a brand in a league of its own.
Below are few pictures of etibo.

White Etibo Styles
latest etibo native wear styles or
Latest Etibo styles

They come in different styles and sizes. it plays with codes just as it does with its name – to 

Male etibo styles

Etibo clothes styles and as traditional attire and on this page we are going to look at it Styles and design both the old and the recent Style the latest, trending and the current style of etibo.

rivers state etibo attire

They called it Rivers State Etibo style because that was the place where it was originated from, they were the first people that wears it and it come to acceptance because of its popularity. As traditional wear the beauty and the design was what attracted people from other part or other regions of the country and they started wearing it.
if you look at it, it is beautiful and perfect with a good shape and as a person, once you put it on it’ll give you that fits and make you look beautiful, that is “gorgeous”

Rivers State Etibo styles

White Etibo styles especially the ones in the year 2021 are my father’s occasionally favorite styles of the style, in fact, he loves it because of its comfortability.
Etibo is also known as south-south clothes In the year 2021 there are few Styles and design of etibo that comes out and most of them are white and of which am going to show you some pictures of them too, and they look good

Etibo styles

Etibo styles collection showcases not only the distinctive characteristics of an entirely handmade offering but the kind of detail usually reserved only for the best piece. 
With a surprising and sometimes unprecedented way of dressing  beautiful and easily identifiable design inspired by  designer  principles, as  well as a majority of “in- house-made calibers” design and crafted in its own atelier, 

latest styles of etibo 2020

In the year 2020, we didn’t experience or see a lot of design of etibo due to the pandemic a lot of things happen within the year of 2020, the effect of Covid19 makes some fashion house and design shot down as there was no movement everybody was at home,
After the lockdown as the resume, some smaller vendors were trying to pick piece of life together, though all hope was not lost they were able to up with something.

Male Etibo styles

Current etibo styles

there are so many or a lot of current etibo styles of which people are wearing, and some of them don’t have pleat as it used to, and work on or at the chest all they a do is just to put pleat that looks like vent but none opening and adds a flap to it.

It is currently designed and made in Nigeria,
in compliance with the most stringent quality standards of Nigeria cloth industry

Female etibo styles

well, some thoughts that ladies cannot wear etibo but from what we see here or on this page you agree with me that it goes is not just Men that do wear etibo, both males and females do where etibo therefore it is unisex clothes they are also several designer and style of etibo for ladies just like men have.
ladies also have their Styles including the White Etibo Styles, all design they have the one which they call south-south, the only thing that differentiates all these styles is just the design at the front.

why I will differentiate in them for better understanding of whoever that is Reading either you are from Nigeria or diaspora you just come across this as an article the way we put it on or position it will help you to get more insight and understanding of what am talking about. Which the nigerian etibo designs,
the reason why we talk much on white is that so many people do prefer the White etibo unlike other colors any occasion like a wedding or traditional marriage

Ladies etibo styles design 2021 pictures

White Etibo Styles
Female  Styles
White Etibo Styles
Latest design for ladies 2022
Current design

Mother and child etibo

Children or kids styles of etibo

Children etibo styles

children are not left out here, we have a few styles and designs of etibo for children the difference between mature people and the kids or children’s Style is the size. Etibo is a beautiful and better appearance outfit, check out

latest native wear styles or
Latest etibo styles

Here we are looking at the latest of etibo Styles both the white design and other colors even the one or style they name after good luck Jonathan because he was one of the contributors that were making it trend one of the top magazines in Nigeria during his regime has it bold at it front page as (“friends of Goodluck Jonathan”).

that for reading and am I will posting some similar to this by nex month. so please subscribe and relax.

White Etibo Styles
New design 2022

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